taco cabana for femme fatales and taco bell for the girl next door

When Riverdale first came out, I became totally engrossed in the odd teen drama. I had read the comics growing up and assumed an adaptation would be lovely. But as we all know, CW adaptations are always frothy teen dramas with odd writing and strange plot points. There’s almost always an exceptionally attractive cast, underage romances, an older woman messing with a teenage stud, and … Continue reading taco cabana for femme fatales and taco bell for the girl next door

is healthy candy an oxymoron

The keto diet has become wildly popular in recent years. It’s mostly because people love shortcuts and fatty dairy products, and the keto diet encompasses both. People will do absolutely anything to cut corners, people will also do absolutely anything an excuse to eat copious amounts of cheese and butter. Trust me, I’m lactose intolerant and you’ll still see me chowing down on some jalapeño … Continue reading is healthy candy an oxymoron

bb cream and its whole complex

BB creams became hella popular like a decade ago. It actually annoys me, because that abbreviation has literally like ten meanings. Blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, beauty balm….. the list goes on. We all know that it is, and that it has a total complex. I’m a straight shooter, and let’s all be honest, is BB cream (not the OG Korean version, but the … Continue reading bb cream and its whole complex


I have always loved cupcakes. In an age where green juices are growing in popularity, along with extravagantly elevated basic desserts, I remain loyal to cupcakes. Even the humble donut has gotten a maple bacon bourbon makeover and cotton candy has been transformed into burritos. It is clear, more than ever, that desserts feel the need to compete for either the wow factor or the … Continue reading cupcakes