confessions of a ~former~ LiFeStYLe BlOGgER

From the years 2013-2017 I repeatedly and aggressively annoyed my loved ones, along with thousands of randos on the internet when I became a self-professed Chicago lifestyle blogger. Offenses ranged from zealously posting staged Instagrams, tweeting and advertising links, and making my friends stop mid-walking to take a picture of me against a brick wall because my outfit looked “cute.” Needless to say, I was … Continue reading confessions of a ~former~ LiFeStYLe BlOGgER

here’s the tea

Yerba Mate. I consider it green tea’s cooler, older trendier friend that is energized and glowy. Think of that girl in your spin class class that’s inexplicably bendy, never breaks a sweat, and is always chipper and bubbly af as you drag your tired and dilapidated self into 5:00 am class. Slim, thin, interesting and effortless, that’s exactly what this tea is. Encompassing the can … Continue reading here’s the tea

the only sparkling water we respect

I love sparkling water. I know it’s been exhausted to the point where we’re spiking it (just you wait, I called it, CBD sparkling water is just a sip away), and I know it’s slowly emerging to dethrone pumpkin spice lattes as the ultimate symbol of a basic bitch, but there’s just something about it. Maybe it’s because the bubbles make me feel bougie, or … Continue reading the only sparkling water we respect