the emily gilmore of hard candies

I am not a huge fan of hard candy. I have always loved candy you can munch on and chew, which is why my favorite candies are gummies and truffles. I like candy I can bite into. Plus, there’s just something about hard candies that reminds me of a grandmother’s purse full of coins, photos of their grandchildren, and multicolored potentially expired hard candies. I … Continue reading the emily gilmore of hard candies

is healthy candy an oxymoron

The keto diet has become wildly popular in recent years. It’s mostly because people love shortcuts and fatty dairy products, and the keto diet encompasses both. People will do absolutely anything to cut corners, people will also do absolutely anything an excuse to eat copious amounts of cheese and butter. Trust me, I’m lactose intolerant and you’ll still see me chowing down on some jalapeƱo … Continue reading is healthy candy an oxymoron