take me to milk bar not red lobster

Everyone has different thoughts when it comes to birthday cake. It’s like the perfect man—if you ask different women, they’ll come up with radically different imaginations as to what the perfect man is like. My perfect man is a tall, handsome, intelligent, charming and witty man who looks like a cross between Childish Gambino and Henry Golding. He has secret tattoos, is a philanthropist, loves … Continue reading take me to milk bar not red lobster

here’s the tea

Yerba Mate. I consider it green tea’s cooler, older trendier friend that is energized and glowy. Think of that girl in your spin class class that’s inexplicably bendy, never breaks a sweat, and is always chipper and bubbly af as you drag your tired and dilapidated self into 5:00 am class. Slim, thin, interesting and effortless, that’s exactly what this tea is. Encompassing the can … Continue reading here’s the tea