confessions of a ~former~ LiFeStYLe BlOGgER

From the years 2013-2017 I repeatedly and aggressively annoyed my loved ones, along with thousands of randos on the internet when I became a self-professed Chicago lifestyle blogger. Offenses ranged from zealously posting staged Instagrams, tweeting and advertising links, and making my friends stop mid-walking to take a picture of me against a brick wall because my outfit looked “cute.” Needless to say, I was … Continue reading confessions of a ~former~ LiFeStYLe BlOGgER

the skincare superhero

GLAMGLOW. Just the name of the company sounds like a freaking superhero. Although I love many, many of their products (a listicle post is coming at you guys), one product that is extra special is their GLAMGLOW Super Serum. Much like Tom Holland has all the makings of the perfect Spiderman, GLAMGLOW’s Super Serum has all the makings of a superpowered serum. I’ve tried a … Continue reading the skincare superhero

this bronzer feels like summertime

I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, and the closing out of summertime was always marked by one thing: Lollapalooza. And let me tell you, my peak summer moment was the version of me that was dancing to Summertime by Childish Gambino under the hot sun, holding on to a grapefruit Bon & Viv, wearing Michael Kors sunglasses and JCREW shorts, as the crowd sang and … Continue reading this bronzer feels like summertime