the short list, volume 1.

If you’re curious about the inner workings of this blog, which I genuinely do not know why you would be, because wondering how this blog works is probably the equivalent of wondering how aglets work. You won’t wonder, you kinda just see the results.

In my pursuit of living more and doing less (crazy things), I’ve told myself that I gotta switch it up on the blog every once in a while.

The things that end up on this blog are things I love, but sometimes, life gets in the way and I don’t get the chance to blog about them, or I don’t share another candy favorite because I just recently did, or I feel moderately guilty about recommending it to the masses, long story short…..I write a list of things, sometimes I don’t share them, but I’m going to today!

Some things don’t need a whole post. They get on the short list.

*****the short list will be limited to five things weekly, except if I have recommendations I deem useless, then I’ll give five useful recommendations along with the *useless ones.

*deemed useless by me

1// The Politician

If you have not seen The Politician, you are missing out. This Wes Anderson meets Tory Burch styled comedy drama is ostentatious, wild, and absolutely dramatic. Ryan Murphy brings witty one-liners, complex characters, and unforgettable humor, swirled with his usual campiness and outrageousness. The characters are lovable in an awful kind of way, and the finale has me wanting another season like yesterday. I’ve watched the show through TWICE already. It’s definitely worth a watch and will remind you lightly of Glee and his other classic shows.

1.5// Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM in Damier Azur Canvas with beige canvas

Part of me feels morally wrong adding this handbag to the list, but I cannot deny, I love it. It’s sturdy, carries anything and everything I need, and quite honestly, goes with everything. The price tag is the only con.

2// Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Foundation Stick

I never thought I would be a stick foundation kind of person, but this foundation blends like a dream. It’s buildable, layerable, and is basically mess free. It’s like a crayon for your face. You make a few swipes and streaks, and then you just blend it out for a lovely coverage. The foundation is hydrating but lasts all day. I’m obsessed.

2.5// Eatzi’s

Eatzi’s is like the hot/cold/salad/meal bar from Whole Foods on steroids. There are endless options and selections, and everything there is fresh and absolutely delectable. If you feel aimless, go to Eatzi’s for lunch and you’ll feel somewhat in control….. well of your lunch at least.

3// Apple Watch Accessory Bands

Something I often do is frequent boutiques, and see what kind of accessories they have. And then, I go on the internet and try to find cheaper versions on Amazon. I’ve been adding unique Apple Watch bands to my collection, and this new pull bracelet has been my newest addition. Honestly, no one wants to wear the rubber watch band at events, and it definitely does not work at fundraising events and galas. I have a couple options that I swap, but I’m looking at adding a nice faux leather band next.

4// Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Desirable

I am forever on the hunt for the perfect nude lipstick. This one is the closest I’ve gotten (I didn’t have any photos, so I stole this screen grab from a sassy Instagram story). Nude lipsticks are tricky, but this one has quickly become my go-to when I want a natural shade on my lips. The color is complementary on pretty much all skin tones, and the formula is creamy and moisturizing.

5// Kitty Socks from Costco

They’re fuzzy, comfy, warm and cozy kitty socks. I feel like this one is self explanatory.

ps–do we like the short list? do you guys prefer the usual post format?

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