every day i’m draftin’

Admittedly, I have an obsession with notebooks and notepads. I think if my mom had let me get the super glittery cute floral notebooks I had wanted as a child instead of the basic one subject college rule notebooks I wouldn’t have this infatuation as an adult. However, when I think about the adults out there who are obsessed with vapes, excessively expensive mortgages, or substituting vegetables for pasta, I feel a little bit better about my notebook love.

This russell + hazel notepad is legit. You know it is, because I purchased it in the office supplies section of The Container Store. The metal hardware makes it edgy but chic, and the metal base is secure and also an office statement piece. You know how in jewelry there are statement necklaces? This is a statement notepad. Schlep this baby around the office and no one will be able to take their eyes off your notepad in meetings.

The pad is well constructed, and those little screws make it super easy to replace the pad with a refill. The fact that these offer a refill just bring me so much joy. Do you know how many cute pads and folios exist out there without refills? Far too many. It should be considered a crime. Then you’re just left with this shell of a notepad that’s pretty much useless, and doomed to live inside a cardboard box because you’re incapable of disposing of the corpse.

Let’s talk about the actual pad. It is tightly bound, and well bound so that the pad sticks together and cohesively. The paper is thick, has weight, and is adorned in a lovely little grid design. When I use this notepad, I feel like the possibilities are endless, honestly, I should already feel like the possibilities are endless when I consider who is in office. The paper is high quality, smooth, and absolutely lovely. The metal back to this pad creates a strong, sturdy surface, even if you’re balancing it on a random table or your knee.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when papers flare up, but this notepad stays perfectly formed and in shape. You can also remove the excess paper once you’ve torn off your cover sheets! The perforationI’m absolutely obsessed, and it makes mundane work a little more fun and creative. I particularly love drafting up ideas and brainstorming up a mess when using this handy little pad.

ps, this notepad would make for a really good holiday gift. even if your recipient is not me.

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