my mascara is Elle Woods

I’m kind of a mascara snob. And the wildest thing about it is that I probably don’t even know what makes a “good” mascara. I find that a lot of people are obsessed with thick, clumpy, dark lashes that are super full. I always see people with flaky lashes and whenever I ask them what mascara they use, they always seem to be using the same one…..I’ve tried mascaras that have “cult followings” and said, “oh man, I don’t see the hype here.” And I’ve seen my friends gush over spider lashes. I do not know what the masses consider amazing mascara. But I do know what kind of mascara I like, and like many drugstore beauty finds that I stan, I bought it on an absolute whim.

This cool little mascara from L’Oreal has an adjustable and bendable top, helping you reach the hard-to-reach lashes. Anyone who says they don’t have hard-to-reach lashes is a liar. The itty bitty lashes are almost impossible to reach without smudging mascara over your eyelid. The bendable brush makes it super easy to reach all the lashes and to really control your application. I’m a clumsy lady, so I almost always accidentally get mascara where it shouldn’t, and I’ve noticed clear change since using this handy dandy wand.

I’ve also noticed that the bottle is unique in that it removes ALL excess mascara. One of my biggest pet peeves is when there’s a giant ball of mascara at the end of your wand and it gets everywhere. Plus it’s just more sanitary and clean. Speaking of the wand, I love the shape because it really lifts, and elongates my lashes so that the coat is even and so my lashes are covered.

I find that in using this mascara, my lashes look thick, long, and like they’re on roids. But in a naturalish, kind of way. Bottom line, you get the volume, length, and thickness without the flaking, spider lash kind of look. This mascara lasts all day, doesn’t flake, and stays put!

Whenever mascaras last well, it scares me. When I was in college and They’re Real! came out, I was immediately a fan upon use. However, the true struggle came when I tried to wash off that mascara and it was absolutely impossible. There were some eyelash casualties in that war, and enraged, I went to Sephora and asked them why this mascara was so impossible to wash off. They told me I had to buy a special eye makeup remover for They’re Real! Um, bye Felicia.

I am happy to report that this mascara washes off easily with makeup wipes. It even washes off with the crappy Simple branded eye makeup remover pads that I’m trying to use up from Lolla weekend.

Trust me, this genie bottle shaped mascara is worth it. It’s a total steal at the drugstore and makes your lashes look absolutely magical–you can bend and snap to reach every lash of your delight, and catch the attention of any cute delivery men at the nail salon.

ps, I 100% bought this mascara because I thought the packaging was funky and that it was a gimmick. It impressed me.

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