confessions of a ~former~ LiFeStYLe BlOGgER

From the years 2013-2017 I repeatedly and aggressively annoyed my loved ones, along with thousands of randos on the internet when I became a self-professed Chicago lifestyle blogger. Offenses ranged from zealously posting staged Instagrams, tweeting and advertising links, and making my friends stop mid-walking to take a picture of me against a brick wall because my outfit looked “cute.”

Needless to say, I was an insufferable little gremlin and I cherish my friends that lived through that phase of my life. Nothing says true friendship like standing by someone who shills affiliate links and constantly plugs their blog.

“OH I WROTE A POST ABOUT THAT,” I would say, as I constantly and happily sent irrelevant links to people who had absolutely no interest in reading my musings about the “best foundation ever!”

I would sit there, and brainstorm ideas based on what I thought people would like to see and read. I would obsessively track page views, engagement, and just agonize over every single little detail. And then one day it happened. I grew up a little, and started living my life. I didn’t take photos of every little thing, I didn’t plug any posts, and I didn’t respond to any comments. I just stopped living a blogger life and I stopped writing posts. And strangely enough, despite that my followers and followers were wondering where all the posts where, I felt completely free. And I also abandoned blogging.

Two years later, I just missed sharing my thoughts. And that’s how this website came to be. I honestly, and genuinely even hate the idea of calling it a “blog” because it has such strange and odd connotations. Honestly, I didn’t even want to go back to WordPress because it hosted my former “blog!”

But anyways, here we are, on this strange little site with unsolicited recommendations and little memes. It’s years and years later, I’m still pretty funny and creative, but without the superficial antics, staged photos, and the constant plugs. I cannot promise I’ll be perfect, honestly, I can’t even promise consistent posts. But I can promise it’ll be fun, humorous, and that I won’t be sharing autumnal outfit posts anytime soon!

Thanks for sticking around!

ps, for laughs and giggles, check out The Unabridged Sass

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