emergency chill fam in an instant

I am someone who can freak out and be an anxious mess. I have a coworker who is very earthy, calm and zen, the absolutely epitome of a yoga namaste slay kinda mom. She literally carries essential oils and probably knows emergency breathing techniques. Once upon a time, I was having one of these freak outs before a big meeting (an annual review, and if you know me, you know I am a hyper-competitive overachiever), and she gave me some Young Living stress relief oil.

I am almost certain that Young Living is a scam. Their essential oils are like $40 a bottle, their chocolates taste like psychedelic drugs mixed with berry cough syrup, and I don’t trust MLMs. My bias against old high school classmates trying to sell me random trash aside, I have to admit that the stress oil did help me chill tf out. It’s been sitting in a little vial because I cannot justify a big full-size one, although I spend hundreds on skincare annually.

However, one day, as I was traipsing throughout Whole Foods with a container full of stuffed grape leaves and smoked mozzarella pasta salad, I saw something pretty freaking cool in the check out line. I’m not going to tell you that items placed at the check out line are a conspiracy to entice you, because I feel like that’s been proven, time and time again. They’re trying to entice you.

Feeling particularly stressed and anxious, which actually happens quite often when you’ve committed to working in fundraising, I purchased this roll-on stress relief oil on a whim. And guess what? It is LIFE CHANGING.

I would like to remind everyone, due to a conversation that I had with my friend Kieran, that this blog is called things we stan, not things we kind of like. This special little blend of lavender, orange and frankincense not only uplifts you, but it instantly refreshes and cleanses you of whatever is boggling you down. Your head and mind instantly feel lighter and it truly makes a difference for me.

Maybe it’s just psychological, but I love rolling this stress relief oil on the inside of my wrists and taking a nice whiff. It makes me feel calm and at ease. I particularly like the fact that this is a roll on, and that the tube is a plastic rubbery tube, a la 2005 drugstore lipglosses. I do not know who made the executive decision that essential oils should be in glass bottles but they are wrong. These people with the rubbery squeeze tube are geniuses and right.

I will say that this is an unexpected favorite. Liking essential oils makes me feel ashamed to admit to the public that I carry this in my handbag. I’ve honestly thought about investing in more for my favorite coworkers and giving them as little gifts. I feel like essential oils have a bad rep because they’re associated with MLMs, yoga pant wearing weirdos who don’t do yoga, and anti-vaxxers. I promise that I am a normalish young professional who just like smells.

I mean this stuff isn’t elf tonic and it won’t cure disease or make you fall in love, but it will uplift you and make your day a little brighter.

ps, please vaccinate your children as although these oils smell nice they will not prevent disease lol

3 thoughts on “emergency chill fam in an instant

  1. Your descriptions are always the best. Just saying.

    I need to find an anti anxiety something something that doesn’t contain lavender since it seems I’m highly sensitive to the essential oil. It’s like finding a nonexistent unicorn.

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