the skincare superhero

GLAMGLOW. Just the name of the company sounds like a freaking superhero. Although I love many, many of their products (a listicle post is coming at you guys), one product that is extra special is their GLAMGLOW Super Serum. Much like Tom Holland has all the makings of the perfect Spiderman, GLAMGLOW’s Super Serum has all the makings of a superpowered serum.

I’ve tried a few serums, from the iconic Advanced Night Repair to a random organic vitamin C serum. There was even a brief point in my life when I used to smear rose hip oil on my face (man was that a trip). But this serum right here is liquid superpowers. Even the Super 6 logo looks like something straight out of the Marvel costume department.

I love that this serum comes in a pump. I do not know who made the executive decision that serums should be packaged in a dropper style, but they’re wrong. Droppers break, they do not distribute product evenly, and they are honestly just kind of a hassle. I know they have that old school apothecary look, but come on guys, we all know they’re quite useless and inconvenient. Let’s just be honest about that. The pump is where it’s at. There is also a very sanitary cap.

The product that comes out is a greyish purple shade, but once you rub the serum into your face it dissipates and turns translucent. The texture of this serum is completely inexplicable. It is not sticky or tacky by any means, it goes on like pure silk and melts into your skin. It leaves skin feeling completely refreshed and powered up, due to the light exfoliation and revival of dull skin.

My skin immediately feels plump, refreshed, and reinvigorated when I use this phenomenal serum. I notice an immediate impact on my pores, and I feel like my skin is being pushed to it’s fullest and best potential. My skin is smooth, brightened, and quite honestly, living its best life. I’ve found that some serums break me out, some serums don’t really do anything, and some do the bare minimum. This serum not only helps prevent aging, but it also exfoliates my dull af skin, brightens my complexion, hydrates and revives my skin, and helps even out my skin texture and tone. I feel a light tingle when I use this serum, which honestly just tells me that it is working.

As someone in her mid-twenties who is scared of forehead lines, but still breaking out occasionally, this serum is absolutely perfect. It addresses all my concerns, and is perfect for that young professional age. A lot, lot, lot of serums nowadays are targeted for severe aging, which is nice and all, but I don’t want one that only prevents aging. I want it all. And in the words of Ariana Grande, I want it–I got it.

ps my favorite Marvel superhero is probably Spiderman. But not the Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire ones.

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