this bronzer feels like summertime

I’m from the suburbs of Chicago, and the closing out of summertime was always marked by one thing: Lollapalooza. And let me tell you, my peak summer moment was the version of me that was dancing to Summertime by Childish Gambino under the hot sun, holding on to a grapefruit Bon & Viv, wearing Michael Kors sunglasses and JCREW shorts, as the crowd sang and my friends and I laughed. That was peak summer. Now, I am unsure about going to Lollapalooza again now that I’m an adult, but I am sure that this bronzer is summer af.

I’m quite picky about bronzer. I’ve been picky ever since since I was eighteen years old visiting my parents’ house during spring break and my mom told me my face looked “dirty.” Devastated, because I had thought I perfected contouring and shading, I quickly learned that there was a fine balance with contouring and lightly bronzing.

I’ve tried drugstore versions, matte vs shimmer, but this is the only bronzer that I feel like truly embodies a light summer glow for a slightly contoured yet natural look. Physican’s Formula Butter Bronzer was my drugstore OG, but I felt like it ran out all too soon. This bronzer from Clinique gives a healthy natural glow, and is long lasting. One compact lasts me ages and gives me the perfect sunkissed look.

Although I vehemently do not like shimmery cheek products, this bronzer’s slight sheen helps enhance and glow your face up, rather than making it look like a shiny horse’s butt. It’s the perfect product for that summer glow, as if you’ve been singing do love me, do love me, do all day long. It’s the closest to a vacation in Aruba or traipsing along the beach with Childish Gambino.

This bronzer is a true staple in my makeup routine, and it blends beautifully. It glides effortlessly into your face and looks natural and just plain good. Not everyone is aiming for that carved by a Kardashian look, and I honestly prefer a light bronzer that casually defines my face.

I got this wildly good tan from Lollapalooza, where I actually did sing do love me, do love me, do, and the bronzer almost perfectly matches my summer festival tan. I’m telling you…’s summertime magic.

ps, for more summer jams I love, listen to STN MTN / Kauai

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