a jewelry pen way more useful than dan humphrey

The dream sequences in Gossip Girl are almost as iconic as the wardrobe of the teen drama that truly defined all teen dramas. By far, one of the best was the dance number featured in season five of the glitzy little show. The nod to Marilyn Monroe, the foil between Blair and Serena, the makeup, the wardrobe–it’s one of the more memorable dream sequences of the show. The only confusing thing about it, is that they’re fighting over the greasy, gross little man-child of Brooklyn–Dan Humphrey.

I have something actually worth fighting for, especially since diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend. And trust me, this won’t betray you or try to smash your best friend.

I’ve recently gotten very much into nice jewelry, jewelry that is timeless and truly an investment for your wardrobe. Diamonds never go out of style, and I’ve recently added a nice ring, and some sparkly sizable stud earrings to my collection. I’ve also learned that a key part of making your collection last and dazzle is making sure that your jewelry is clean.

I purchased this Diamond Dazzle Stik on a whim, and man oh man am I glad that I am. The two thousand plus reviews on Amazon are completely correct. This little cleaning stick is an absolute game-changer, and it makes your diamonds look brand spanking new.

I used this cute little cleaning stick on a ring that I’ve had for over seven years (which I have definitely cleaned less than seven times in the years I’ve owned it), and it immediately got rid of all the grime and debris. My ring looked immediately shiny, glittery and dazzling after brushing the pen against all the build-up.

I didn’t think I needed this product in my life until I had it. But it’s made a huge difference and I’ve literally gone through and cleaned all my nice jewelry. The best part is how easy it is to use and how effortless it is. You just crank the pen, clean the diamond, rinse off the foam, and dry off. Once you’re done with the pen, just give it a rinse!

And now I have jewelry that feels brand new with minimal effort. I want to get this pen as a stocking stuffer for all my pals with jewelry. It’s THAT useful.

ps, you can apparently use this with other gemstones too!

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