the emily gilmore of hard candies

I am not a huge fan of hard candy. I have always loved candy you can munch on and chew, which is why my favorite candies are gummies and truffles. I like candy I can bite into. Plus, there’s just something about hard candies that reminds me of a grandmother’s purse full of coins, photos of their grandchildren, and multicolored potentially expired hard candies.

I went to Twigs for dinner a little while ago (and indulged in a delicious steak crusted with peppercorns and slathered with Gorgonzola fondue atop a heaping pile of sour cream and chive mashed potatoes), and on the way out I grabbed a handful of their intriguing hard candies. It’s a habit I’ve formed, grabbing a small handful of hard candies from restaurants. I’m working a on a nonprofit budget y’all, I can’t be stocking my candy bowl always.

These little creamy opal and jade green swirled candies were intriguing. Were they minty? Fruity? These candies were an enigma (much like I try to be at the office). Well, I bit the bullet and finally tried one, and man oh man are they good. They are the perfect marriage of zesty lime and tangy cream, emerging on your taste buds as this flavorful little key lime treat.

Key lime pie is one of my favorite desserts, and I feel like it is often overlooked by the masses. I promise you, it not only is graciously satisfying while still having some semblance of a moderately light dessert, but it also is complex and flavor and quite gratifying. At first glance, it might seem old school and too tart, but when you really dive in, you appreciate its je ne sais quois.

This candy is the Emily Gilmore of candies. To me, Emily Gilmore is sharp, elegant, tart, but also complex and sweet. Whereas the other hard candies are your typical grandma who is old, artificially sweet, mild-mannered and calm (I’m looking at you peppermints and butterscotch), this hard candy packs an elegant punch! It is the perfect post-dinner treat to awaken and dance on your taste buds, or the perfect little pick me up when you’ve been answering too many monotonous emails. Truly, the queen of hard candies, the baddest grandma of them all.

ps, my OG all-time favorite hard candy are Creamsavers Strawberries and Cream, but I probably will never see them again until I myself am an old grandma

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