inexplicably good hair ties you won’t lose

I bought some telephone cord hair ties at CVS on a whim–they were $3 for six of them, and I’m proud to say I still have 5 of 6 (pour one out for the homie that we lost at Lollapalooza). I don’t know what it is about those black hair ties every girl has around their wrist, but they are so freaking easy to lose. I swear, despite the fact that they permanently live on the wrists of pumpkin spice latte lovers, they disappear as if little elves take them away into wonderland.

But these hair ties? I keep track of them better than my wallet. They’re made of a telephone cord-like material, and although I thought they wouldn’t ever work and would be absolute trash, they are utterly life changing. Not only do my ponytails have the perfect hold for that effortless Meghan Markle ponytail look, but they don’t dent my hair and they look far cuter than a basic elastic band.

It’s actually a quite pleasant surprise. Now, I haven’t tried to use these on a run or anything, but for day to day my hair stays secure and cute all day. It’s almost amazing enough to make you forget that you have telephone cords in your hair. Strangely enough though, despite the fact that these are telephone cord hair ties, they don’t snap or break like their elastic pals. They’re quite durable and phenomenal.

I think of these as Jim Halpert. Lazy but surprisingly productive and amazing at its job, despite the fact that it is effortless and you expect it not to work. It’s cute in a casual way, and so easily charming. Original hair ties are your Dwight Schrute: tightly bound, hard to handle, and have a painful snap. Dwight’s classic and old fashioned, but I’ve always been a fan of Jim.

I promise that they are worth the try. I couldn’t find a link to the CVS ones I use but they’re in stores! Don’t pay $8 for one…. and also, the “smaller” sized ones work better than the huge ones!

I’ve also learned a great trick for shrinking these to their original size, by the way. After a few uses they get stretched out. Please don’t boil these or put them in the microwave. Just place them in a mug of hot water and they will shrink back to size. Good as new!

And they work just as well as they did before. Durable, easy to use, cute, and you won’t lose them to the hair tie elves!

ps, the ones covered in fabric I haven’t tried yet. I’ve only tried the plastic ones.

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