bb cream and its whole complex

BB creams became hella popular like a decade ago. It actually annoys me, because that abbreviation has literally like ten meanings. Blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, beauty balm….. the list goes on. We all know that it is, and that it has a total complex.

I’m a straight shooter, and let’s all be honest, is BB cream (not the OG Korean version, but the western wannabes that are highly stocked in drugstores and Ulta) really that different than a lightweight foundation? Let’s be real. Not really.

I know, I’m a heretic. How dare I rip on the bb cream that everyone uses? I promise you, bb cream has a complex that makes it think its better than foundation. I don’t blame it, most bb cream users are part of bb cream and mascara twitter who think they’re better than all the other women on this planet that rubs skin-colored goo on their face every morning to look presentable. Primarily because we hate that one guy in our office, John, who always seems to comment on how we “look tired.”

But I promise you, BB cream is truly not that different than foundation. But we’ll get into that in a moment.

So, amongst my Lollapalooza adventures, I found my foundation to be a teeny bit heavy for all the festival wildness. I decided, very much so on a whim to pick up a lightweight foundation from CVS.

Every so often the stars align and I find a drugstore product that I like. It’s not too often, probably less often than we see Halley’s Comet.

I picked up the Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream from the drugstore, and I happen to really like it. I hate that it’s called a BB cream and will not run around telling people that I use a BB cream because I think people who do totally have a complex and chip on their shoulder (it’s like people who drive Benzes). However, I will tell you that I like this product a lot. But it’s really just a lightweight foundation.

Is it blendable, long lasting, and super easy to use? Yeah! Is it a special BB star? Maybe not. But we do stan.

Here is the description Maybelline gives for this product.

Okay, and what I’m gonna say this this:

Foundation also: conceals imperfections, minimizes look of pores, reduces appearance of redness, adjusts to skin tone, hydrates and smoothes, enhances and clarifies skin. I’m serious! Any good foundation will do those things too. It’s all in the marketing Baby Boo (which might be the coolest usage of the letters BB ever).

But jokes aside, I do really like this product and think that it is a total steal for $8 at CVS. Maybe I need to watch my prejudice against drugstore makeup and expand my horizons.

ps, my favorite foundation EVER is the Lancome Teint Idole

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