I have always loved cupcakes. In an age where green juices are growing in popularity, along with extravagantly elevated basic desserts, I remain loyal to cupcakes. Even the humble donut has gotten a maple bacon bourbon makeover and cotton candy has been transformed into burritos. It is clear, more than ever, that desserts feel the need to compete for either the wow factor or the health factor.

My favorite dessert is cupcakes. I love and adore cupcakes, the perfectly portioned little mini cakes just take my breath away. Slices of cake crumble, but cupcakes have the perfect icing to cake ratio (if you eat it like a little sandwich).

Cupcakes are like your classically beautiful dessert, naturally beautiful and pretty without the excessive frills and whistles that donuts need to look Instagram-worthy. They are the homely muffin’s gorgeous cousin, the pretty girl you know that kills it in just a basic tee.

Also, they come with their own holder which is just so convenient to me. You can just eat and pitch the wrapper without worrying about sticky fingers or getting a plate and knife. Functional AND fashionable.

With macarons, donuts and cake balls taking over the dessert scene, I am here to say that cupcakes will forever reign for me, much like Blair Waldorf will always reign the upper east side. They don’t even need to try to reign supreme.

My favorite flavor is red velvet, by the way, and I will fight to the death for its honor against the plebes out there who demand that it is merely a red dyed chocolate cake. It must be accompanied by its one true love, cream cheese frosting.

Let’s just be honest here, we all know cupcakes are the best.

ps the best cupcake I have ever had is the creme brûlée cupcake from Molly’s Cupcakes.

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