the best foundation I’ve tried

I am someone who constantly strives for the best. I’m lowkey (okay, maybe highkey) a little obsessed with finding my perfect makeup nirvana. Kid Cudi is on the pursuit of happiness, and I am on the pursuit of the perfect foundation. And trust me, in my lifetime I’ve tried a lot of foundations.

I strive for a lowkey makeup kind of look. I am not someone who only wears concealer, but I am not on YouTube makeup guru level of face beating.

To fully understand what I look for in a good foundation, I think I’ll share with you guys my laundry list of things I need. Some people have a list of all the things they want to find in a perfect man. I have a list of things I want to find in the perfect foundation.

That being said, I have uneven skin tone so I need something with decent coverage and I have permanent dark circles. I work in nonprofit fundraising and I’ve had perpetual dark circles since I’ve joined the industry. I like smooth Demi-matte finish, and I do NOT like products that are too heavy or cake-y. I also live in the South, so durability and long-lasting staying power is an absolutely necessity. My skin is oily and I break out sometimes, oh and also, I am too lazy to use a Beauty Blender.

I know, I’m looking for the holy grail.

This foundation is the closest I have gotten to perfection. I use Lancôme’s matte primer, due to my skin being oily and the high probability of melting in the South a la the Wicked Witch of the West. I apply this foundation with a brush (I add a squeeze of water based moisturizer, Clinique’s Moisture Surge) and I blend the mix into my face. Afterwards, I do a light dusting of translucent powder.

Not only does this foundation have phenomenal coverage, and blend into my skin like freaking magic, but it lasts all day and stays in place. It blends without streaks and is so easy to put on that even your boyfriend or husband could do it. This is one of the few foundations that doesn’t break me out, but has longevity and covers my imperfections and flaws.

I feel like with other foundations, like Estée Lauder Double Wear or Kat Von D, you are putting on an extra thick layer of “face,” but I don’t feel that way with this foundation. It feels light and natural. Also, unlike ELDW and KVD, I don’t break out and have to sacrifice my skin for coverage and concealing.

Smooth, natural, your skin but better type coverage that lasts all day and stays put, without compromising breathability or lightness.

I’ve gone through so many bottles of this foundation and have repurchased time and time again. It is truly, the best foundation that I’ve tried. I promise you I’m not sponsored, I WISH Lancôme would send me this ish for free. I pay almost $50 every time I purchase foundation.

ps there is a commercial with Taylor Hill, who is much much prettier than me for this foundation. It does rub off occasionally….. but so does every other foundation. Just be a normal human haha.

5 thoughts on “the best foundation I’ve tried

  1. “Kid Cudi is on the pursuit of happiness, and I am on the pursuit of the perfect foundation.” This cracked me up!! I love the tarte shapetape hydrating foundation—it is not too thick and super hydrating!

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