easy breezy netted bags

Netted bags are the move. I had a really cute pink one a few years ago with a bamboo handle which has disappeared into my childhood home, but they’ve recently made a resurgence. I guess the effortless, just came from the farmers market and filled up a sack with organic apples look is in. Or perhaps normcore has gone too far and we are nearing the era of fisherman chic. Next fall we will all be sporting galoshes and bucket hats.

There is just something about a netted bag that just screams effortless, nonchalant and breezy. I know the cream and beige ones are all over social media, but I fully intend on schlepping my netted bag around the city and opted for a brown color that will hide the dirt and city smoke.

I see the appeal of the netted bag, it is all-purpose, fits anything and everything you would need, is surprisingly durable, and forces you to keep your bag clean (I mean everyone can see through it so your crumpled up Whole Foods receipts will have to go elsewhere) and completely avoids the eternal problem of crumbs in a handbag.

Seriously. Gym, cocktails, errands, farmer’s market, anywhere. You can literally carry this bag wherever you need to. This little steal was $5 at Forever 21, and there’s plenty of others on Amazon and the internet. The best thing about a netted bag is that you can buy a bargain version without feeling like you’re missing out. It’s literally a bag made out of knotted string.

I don’t fully understand this trend of bags that are see-through or transparent. Part of me feels admittedly awkward about the world seeing my wallet, Invisalign case and candy knocking around in my netted bag, but part of me feels so breezy and nonchalant that I just don’t quite care.

ps I am concerned about tangling but have not encountered it yet….. wish me luck.

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