sparkling water personality types

You know how are things that are part of your “brand?” I am ninety nine percent sure that most people who have held even a small conversation with me, know that I love sparkling water. It’s actually gotten to this moderately concerning level where I wonder if I could just live the rest of my life without ever drinking still water again.

With each passing day, more and more varieties of sparkling water emerge into our world. I think the rate of sparkling water creations are greater than the rate of shelter pets getting adopted (another sad thing in the world, donate to awesome orgs like King Street Cats to help remedy this issue). Regardless, it’s clear the world loves water with bubbles in it.

That being said, I’ve made this nifty little alignment chart if you’re wondering where your sparkling water love lies. Obviously, we all know the best is San Pellegrino Essenza, but there are others I love too.

The other stepchildren:

  1. La Croix- this is a classic and I won’t waste my time trying to over-explain it. My favorites are Pamplemousse, Mango, and the ever-controversial Nicola.
  2. Perrier- I only like the original, lemon or lime. The other flavors are not my favorite.
  3. Spindrift- I feel like this is a good sparkling water, better than the basics like Bubly, but too expensive to compete with ESSENZA.
  4. Topo Chico- This special little drink has a unique place in my heart, probably because it’s so darn popular in Texas and I’ve gotten accustomed to the taste.

We all know my biological child is San Pellegrino Essenza, but those are tasty too.

ps- I always love recommendations so tell me if you have a favorite not on my chart!

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