here’s the tea

Yerba Mate. I consider it green tea’s cooler, older trendier friend that is energized and glowy. Think of that girl in your spin class class that’s inexplicably bendy, never breaks a sweat, and is always chipper and bubbly af as you drag your tired and dilapidated self into 5:00 am class. Slim, thin, interesting and effortless, that’s exactly what this tea is.

Encompassing the can design of sparkling water and bright, funky colors that just generate an automatic aura of light and glowiness, this Yerba Mate is no joke. I am convinced that this tea is magical and bestowed upon us peons by an eternal sunshine goddess whose sole purpose is to uplift yuppies wandering Whole Foods during their lunch hours. Also, it’s sparkling, which just gives it that extra pop of zing.

You know how people say they’re spilling the tea? I wouldn’t spill a drop of this, but you can imagine I’m sipping on this when I say I’m sipping tea.

All-natural and organic, encompassing the two biggest characteristics of the store I bought this at, this tea convinces you that although it gives you more zing and pep than a can of heart-stopping Monster, it is good and healthy for you. Probably like how juice cleanses and all-natural makeup products are supposedly good for us.

Regardless, the taste is inexplicably delicious. I am unsure as to what a “Classic Gold” flavor is, but what I can tell you is that among the subtle hints of lemon and ginger is this refreshing, rejuvenating flavor I can only call deliciousness. Guayaki sounds like a warrior name, which is exactly how I feel when I drink this.

ps, thanks to my friend Liz who drank this because she spontaneously found it at Whole Foods, which caused me to spontaneously purchase it, and fall in love.

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