bullet journaling isn’t nonsense i promise

When you think of bullet journaling, you imagine some former sorority girl scrolling in cursive “go over goals” into a Kate Spade notebook in wine mom pseudo-calligraphy that she promptly places a sticker next to. I just want to say, I never thought I would even remotely enjoy this, nor would I be writing and rhapsodizing about how much I love it.

Certainly, you do not imagine a lowkey anxious Asian woman with control issues scribbling notes in bold black pen and doodling flowers with Papermate pens in a $3 notebook she bought on a whim. I genuinely thought bullet journaling was nonsense and purely made as an excuse for grown women to doodle.

As someone who loves lists and is at great risk of filling her notes app with endless lists and deranged ramblings, but also is in great need of an outlet for anxiety and stress (like doodling popular flowers), bullet journaling has been surprisingly very therapeutic. There’s just something about drawing an x and crossing words out that is purely cathartic.

And for someone who learned to color in the lines and not to doodle, drawing whimsical little designs has helped me break my boundaries. It’s been freeing, uplifting, and quite fun. This has been a fun way to keep organized and is much friendlier and nicer than my Type-A crazy lady lists.

I am no calligraphy expert, and I smudge everything with my left hand, and it’s been quite liberating to write and doodle, knowing that it’s just for me. And trust me, if you don’t flex your bullet journal (as in take photos and instagram spreads), you will be much much happier.

Trust me–bullet journaling is the ish.

ps my favorite pens are the pilot 207 BOLD.

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